Night Owl Trapping Lures and Baits

Night Owl ADC Baits

A new line of lure specially designed for damage control trappers. Targets squirrel, raccoons or skunk.

Night Owl Land Trapping Lure
Night Owl Water Trapping Lure
Night Owl Trapping Baits

We offer Gland, Food, Call and Curiosity lures.
Check out the lure which best fits your needs.

Our lures for water animals are second to none. Whether you desire a paste lure or a thinner oily lure, we have you covered.

We offer both paste bait and liquid squeeze bait solutions. Either will give you supreme results.

Working the Night Shift

Baits typically trigger a hunger or territorial response in furbearers. Baits can be used as an addition to lure at your set.

Trapping Bait
ADC Bait
Typically used with cage traps, ADC Baits also work well with DP traps.

Water Trapping Lure

Lures are typically made with glands, oils and other ingredients to draw the attention of a furbearer which lives near water.

Land Trapping Lure

Land Trapping Lures are specifically designed to attract canines whose habitat is land-based.

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